Thursday, December 4, 2014

So Thanksgiving week was last week...,

It was great. My family all came together and I felt like a hole I had been missing was filled again and I was just around people who felt unconditional love for me.

And I got to see my friends, too.

We shot a pretty awesome video for "the man" (see the mixtape GENESIS) that should be out next week. I'm excited about it.

Hope you all like it, :).

Trying to push on and remember I gotta love myself and can't let myself down.



Pretty much certain that I'm about to go through another depression stage.

I really don't know.

This week I was probably the most sad I've been in a long time. All from the person who is supposed to be with me through everything. Maybe I'm just blaming someone else other than myself again, like I often do.

Actually. Nah.

This shit is fucked.

I feel like I annoy you now.

I've never had that feeling with you.

I feel like there's nothing I can do.

I feel damn near hopeless.

I don't know if I should let you let me go.

But, I never thought you would.

I thought forever, meant forever.

Guess not.

Cause it seems you're leaving.

I had plans for us. So many plans.

You were always in my equation to happiness in life.

I feel alone with you.

Maybe I'm over-sensitive and over analyzing.

But then again, I'm probably not.

I just can't believe you wanna see me leave.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Production game crazy....

This beat I made this morning for WINTHROP is so fucking tough. It's one of those go off type beats. Shit you just murderlize. I'm proud as fuck of it. I started the version on it too and it's pretty hard too. I'm really shouting out Indianapolis on this album so I hope the city fucks with me after I drop this album.

If this album doesn't get me recognition on the internet and in the city I will be shocked. I've never enjoyed my own music as much as I love these records I've been making. The production alone is so fucking sick. Musically, the album doesn't sound like anything that's being released in music right now. And I'm shocking myself with how well I'm writing to the beats too. I'm really in the zone on this album.

I have plans for more shit along with the album too. WINTHROP is more than just an album. You're gonna get a lot of stuff with the music. No leaks. It'll all come out at once. Even the videos, hopefully.

2015 is gonna be a tough year to break in the industry but I think I have something special. It's so much better than GENESIS, lol.

Stay tuned.


Monday, November 17, 2014

WINTHROP update #1

The process of this project is going fucking great. I don't think I've ever had this much fun making music. It's a great feeling cause I know I'm making music that I really love for the first time ever. I'm producing and writing the project simultaneously. I mapped out the idea for the project probably two months ago but as it comes to fruition it's actually switching up from what I planned.

But in a really good way.

So far it's got some trap, rock, synth pop, boom bap and ambient elements to it. It sounds pretty different track to track but I think it will mesh well as a whole. I wanna make it 12 tracks and I'm about 20% done with it. The production is like 50-60% done but I just really started the writing process these past couple days.

Got this track called "3ONE7 (The Man pt 2)" that's pretty cool. It's got a nice beat switch in it I like it a lot. I only have the 2nd part of the song done but the 1st part shouldn't be too hard to complete.

I made the intro of the album this morning and I fucking LOVE it. The beat has heavy Dilla/9th Wonder/2003 Kanye influence but it's my flip to it. Soul sample but not a 70s sample it's actually a newer soul track. But the way is flipped it is just ill. The written I have to it is so wavy too fuck I love that shit.

I'll give an early release date of 1/26/2015 for it. Give me a second to make it perfect. I wanna make the videos for it too. Stay tuned.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Here, kitty kitty cat....

Doja Cat, I am SEARCHING for you. I love your music so fucking much. Your Doja Cat EP is in my top 5 projects released in 2014. This song in particular is fucking bliss. I would love to get your vocals on a track. Be it me producing you something or us creating a song for both of us. I am a HUGE fan. Much love.

Get back to me.

My name is my name.... lol

So. Two days since the release of GENESIS. It's doing decent download numbers on mediafire and my soundcloud is at 9,909 total plays. That's cool because I never really promote my page and I only have 138 followers so if people find my page, they play most of the shit that's on there.

Last night I FINALLY got a new recording interface that isn't GarageBand that I am very excited about. I can finally record again! Also my beat machine is back up and running so I am full steam ahead on my next project, which, I am calling WINTHROP.

WINTHROP is my middle name and growing up it was something I was always embarrassed about, lol. I never told anyone my middle name unless you were my absolute best friend or a girl I was trying to be with. So it's fitting my first complete album is named that. This album will be fully produced, written, recorded & mixed by me and I don't think I'm gonna put any features on it. There may be something else I have planned along with it as well that will be dope if it all comes together.

Anyway, hope you all liked the project. It's cool in my opinion and it's a great little compilation of my previous work. I think it's got some very strong verses in it and you can see my growth as an artist. It does have it's low points but you can see the potential. THESIS is probably my favorite verse I wrote for the project. You can see my ability to turn real life heartbreak into something polarizing. I love that verse so much. I really laid it all out and even legit cried while recording it. Sad shit.

Anyway. Hope all is well in your life! Keep rockin'.

Monday, November 10, 2014

"call it the genesis..."

Well.... lol.

I don't really know how to start this. Needless to say, it's been a long time coming.

But, we are finally here. The release of my first mixtape.

First, let me start by saying I hate that I am even doing this, lol. And not because I don't want people to hear my music but because releasing music on the internet (specifically hip-hop music) is EXTREMELY played out and WAAAAAAY over saturated in the year 2014. There are dozens of kids from my hometown that release music now and I can't help but cringe at them. Not to say they are bad, but I often wonder: "do I look this delusional? Am I as bad as them?".

Sometimes I wish I didn't even rap.

But I can't help it. This isn't something that I do because rapping is cool or because I want to be famous or I want you to follow me on twitter. I do it because if I didn't I would go insane. It just happens. It's kinda like when Bruce Banner Hulks out and then wakes up like "WHAT THE FUCK JUST HAPPENED."

I don't know. I just do it.

I always hated fitting the sterotype of the "black kid who raps". That shit is so fucking played out to me. But it's just something that's inside of me (pause, lol). I'm also extremely shy and introverted in person so chances are if you meet me and ask me to rap, I won't.

I remember when my first song even went public to people I knew locally. I was soooo fucking embarrassed. I didn't even release the song. Some random kid I knew put it on the internet without consulting me. But, people ended up liking it so I guess it ended up being a good thing. I spent the next few years of my life recording music at high rates but releasing music only when I felt something desired to be heard.

And here we are in 2014. I haven't recorded anything in months due to the breaking of my MacBook back in April. I do, however, have a gang of material that NEEDS to be bundled up and placed in your iTunes. This project is very vulnerable and transparent, content wise. I speak on a lot of issues from failed relationships with girls/friends as well as the regular struggle of being an early twenties kid trying to find my footing in life.

A special thank you to my friends Scott and Chase. You guys always push me musically with how incredible your music is and your friendship is extremely important to me. Thank you Nick Temp for believing in me all these years, dude. Thank you, KK ;). I love you, babe, you have made me happier than I have been in a long time. And a special thank you to my family. Victoria, Billy you guys inspire me more than anything on the planet. I always was the fuck up of the family but you guys have always been role models for me. Mom, Dad. I love you. Thank you for always supporting me.

Without further ado, I give you, GENESIS: